Vol. 7, No. 2, Winter 1989

Table of Contents


Did Spandarmad Marry Afrasiab? A Seduction Motif in Iranian Mythology PDF
Ahmad Taffazoli
Note 6 PDF
Ehsan Yarshater
Balancing word and meaning on the scales of contemporary Persian poetry PDF
Nader Naderpour
در این صورت جواب سعدی و حافظ را چه بدهیم؟ «رضا شاه در سفر ترکیه» PDF
Hossein Farhoudi
Arabic Antecedents of some of Sa'di's Aphorisms and Tales PDF
Mahmoud Omid Salar
The Issue of the Gulf of Basra PDF
Jalal Matini
On the Play "Baqqal-Bazi dar Huzur" or "Sushab al-Mulk" PDF
Mobile Pastoralism and the Development of Comples Societies in Highland Iran: The Evidence from Tall-i Bakun A PDF
Abbas Alizade


برگزیده‏ها فارسی دری* معارضهء فارسی و عربی PDF
پرویز ناتل خانلری

Book Review

شاهنامه،دفتر یکم PDF
Jalal Matini
کلیدر PDF
Mohammad Reza Ghanoonparvar