Vol. 27, No. 4, Fall 2012

Table of Contents


A Self-Made Man PDF
Mohammad-Ebrahim Bastani-Parizi


Fakhr-al-Dowleh Amini: The Woman and the Legend PDF
Nasser Mohajer
The Role of Sectarian Tensions in Shaping the Institution of Marja’-i Taqlid PDF
Ahmad Kazemi-Moussavi
Translations of the Bible into Persian up to the Twentieth Century
Majid Gholami-Jalise
Persian Printing and Persian Purism in the Indian Subcontinent in the Nineteenth Century PDF
Mehrdad Ramezannia
Abdu´l-Bahá on Colonialism, Nationalism, and Jewish Immigration to Palestine PDF
Kamran Ekbal
Hafez and Modernism PDF
Reza Ghanadan


Introduction: Love and Sexuality in Classical Persian Literature
Kamran Talattof
Genealogy of Love PDF
Farzaneh Yusof-Qanbari
Sexual Relationships in Sassanian Texts PDF
Maryam Dezhamkhooy
Catamite in Ancient Iran PDF
Sirus Shamisa
Love Poetry as Fiction: Characteristics and Scopes PDF
Hasan Zolfagari
Gender and Sexual Organs: An Exploration of Iraj Mirza’s ‘Arif Namah and Hajviyat PDF
Ana Ghoreishian
Majnun and Other Characters in Udhrite Love Poetry PDF
Ali-Asghar Seyed-Gohrab
The Textual and the Extratextual in Nezami’s Five Treasures PDF
Ghahreman Shiri
On Love Fables and Love Poetry PDF
Mohammad Jafari-Qanavati
The Subject of Transformation and the Transformation of the Subject in Jalal al-Din Rumi’s Masnavi PDF
Mahdi Tourage
Nizami’s Unlikely Heroines: Characterizations of Women in Classical Persian Literature PDF
Kamran Talattof

Book Review

Jerry W. Wright, Everett K. Rowson: Homoeroticism in Classical Arabic Literature PDF
Pouye Khoshkhoo Sani
Muniru Ravanipur: Ahl-i Gharq PDF
Roya Khoshnevis Ansari