Vol. 28, No. 1, Spring 2013

Table of Contents


The Cyrus Charter: The First Declaration of Human Rights PDF
Firouzeh Qandehari
Precedents of The Blind Owl PDF
Homa Katouzian
Hegemonic Masculinity and the Stigma of Failed Embodiments PDF
Mostafa Abedinifard
Royal Tents in Qajar Iran PDF
Akram Kabiri
Arabic Translations of Contemporary Persian Short Stories PDF
Ali Zaeri


The Trouble with Third Powers: German-Iranian Relations to 1941 PDF
Jennifer Jenkins
Iran, World War II, and the Jews PDF
Jaleh Pirnazar
Radio Berlin’s Persian-Language Broadcasts during World War II PDF
Hamid Shokat
The Formation of the Greek Community of Tehran, 1941 PDF
Evangelos Venetis
Bahram Beyzaie and the Second World War: A Narrative of Occupation and the Metamorphosis of the Concept of the Nation PDF
Saeed Talajooy

Book Review

Documents Relating to Iran’s Occupation during World War II PDF
Kaveh Bayat
In the Circuit of Hatred and Love: A Review of Madâr-e sefr darajeh (Zero Degree Turn) PDF
Pedram Partovi
Two Biographies and a Literary Masterpiece: Simin Behbahani and Her Mother PDF
Farzaneh Milani


Cyrus in Persian Narratives PDF
Mohammad Ebrahim Bastani-Parizi
Cyrus's Religious Policies PDF
Hadi Hedayati
Cyrus the Great in the Bible PDF
Mahdi Zangenah
Zul-Qarnayn Is Cyrus, Not Alexandere PDF
Habibollah Amouzegar
Is Cyrus the Qur’anic Zul-Qranayn? PDF
Baha-al-Din Khoramshahi
Cyrus the Great, 558-529 B. C. PDF
Max Mallowan
The Character and Writings of Cyrus the Great PDF
George Rawlinson


Gherardo Gnoli, 1937–2012 PDF
Carlo Cereti