Vol. 29, No. 1, Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Historical Inquiries

Miracles at the Saqqa-khanih: Power Struggles, Baha’i-phobia and the Murder of the American Envoy in Tehran PDF
Homa Katouzian
Sadeiqeh Dolatabadi: A Biographical Review
Elaheh Bagheri
The Illustrated Lithographic Edition of Sani‘ al-Mulk’s Dictionary of Theology PDF
Ali Boozari, Mehdi Hosseini

Literary Inquiries

Narratives of Literary Commitment in the Poetry of Afghan Resistance: The Cases of Khalilollah Khalili and Parwin Pazhwak PDF
Aria Fani
Governmental Poetry: Poetry and Power in Post-Revolutionary Iran PDF
Fatemeh Shams
Contemporary Persian Poetry in the Arab World PDF
Ali Zaeri
The Use of Literary Antonyms in the Ghazals of Sa‘di PDF
Abdolmajid Yousefinekoo
A Review of Bakhtiari Riddles PDF
Mohsen Farsani

Religious Studies

The Hermeneutical Contraction and Expansion of Religion PDF
Hossein Dabbagh
Mind, without Body? A Proposal for the Reconceptualization of Mysticism PDF
Ramezan Dowlati

Book and Film Reviews

The Discordance of Love and Reason: Shafi‘i-Kadkani’s Language of Poetry in Sufi Prose PDF
Hamid Sahebjami
Hassanali Mehran: The Goals and Policies of the Central Bank of Iran, 1960-1978 PDF
Hadi Salehi Esfahani
Fereydoon Vahman: One Hundred and Sixty Years of Opposition to the Bahá’í Faith PDF
Siyamak Zabihi-Moghaddam
Demystifying the Movie 300 PDF
Saeedeh Mazloumian


Ata Behmanish PDF
Mostafa Zamaniniya
Critiquing "The Babi and Baha’i Practice of Dissimulation” PDF
Ata Arjomand
A Rejoinder to Ata Arjomand PDF
Kamran Ekbal

In Memoriam

Michel Mazzaoui, 1926-2013 PDF
Kathryn Babayan