Vol. 29, No. 2, Summer 2014

Table of Contents

Farsi Section

The Connection of the Horse and the Rider in Iranian Languages PDF
Badrolzaman Gharib
Rustam and his Zin-i Palang PDF
Nicholas Sims-Williams, Ursula Sims-Williams
Zahhak: Whither his Death in Iranian Myths? PDF
Abolhassan Tahami
Rayy During the Sasanian Period based on Primary Sources PDF
Rika Gyselen, Touraj Daryaei
On Kinghship and Religion as Two Pillars of State during the Sasanian Period PDF
Nasir Al-Kabbi
On the Local Provenance of the “Orthodox” Zoroastrianism: The Province of Fars and the Production of Middle Persian Canonical Texts PDF
Pooriya Alimoradi
Mihr Worship and Mithraic Associations in the “Epic Romance” of Samak-e Ayyar PDF
Parvaneh Pourshariati
A Report on the Unpublished Manuscript of G. Gnoli on Historiography from Alexander (356-323 B.C) to Ardashir (180-242 CE) PDF
Philippe Gignoux
Pahlavi Counsels in Persian Literary Tradition PDF
Firoozeh Qandehari
A Comparative Analysis of Rumi’s Masnavi with a Manichaean Allegory PDF
Omid Behbahani
A Mystical Interpretation of the Story of Mose in the Qur’an PDF
Parisa Derakhshan-Moghaddam
Suggestions Toward Restoring the Text of a Number of Verses in Farrokhi’s Divan PDF
Mahmoud Omidsalar

English Section

Philological Gleanings from the Pahlavi Videvdad PDF
Prods Oktor Skjærvø
Gathic Composition and Lexicology PDF
Martin Schwartz
Two Sogdian Words PDF
Zohreh Zarshenas
Why Was the Story of Arash-i Kamangir Excluded from the Shahnameh? PDF
Saghi Gazerani
"Parthian Cavalry" SWS PRSY / sūs pārsī / A Parthian Horse PDF
Dan Shapira
Ardashir’s Genealogy Revisited PDF
Maria Macuch