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Upon defining what a visa on arrival is, this post will discuss the Vietnam voa approval letter. At this point, there are 3 ways of availing a visa Vietnam: acquiring of a Vietnam visa through the traditional option of traveling to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate, processing of an electronic visa called evisa Vietnam, and, in case you're far away from the Vietnam Embassy or do not wanna obtain an evisa, applying on the internet for the Vietnam VOA letter and having your Vietnam visa stamped at the Vietnam international flight terminals.

Visa on arrival requirements

Of course, as compared with the 1st two options of availing a visa to Vietnam, the visa on arrival has specific specifications. One is that it's just applicable to visitors that travel by jet to get to one of the 4 international air-ports in Vietnam. If you travel to Vietnam by land or ship, you may choose to get your visa at the Embassy of Vietnam or via a tourist agency.

In the acquisition of your visa to Vietnam, you may need to undergo particular approvals. You will also have to submit certain documentation that would legalise and authorise the whole visa application.

Once you've chose to undergo the visa application procedure for your getaway to Vietnam, you could start by handling all the things relevant to your Vietnam visa pre-approval letter.

Vietnam visa pre-approval letter

The Vietnam visa on arrival letter, also referred to as the Vietnam approval letter, is a document that is released by the Vietnam Immigration authorities. This letter is considered as lawful and authorized for anybody planning to get into Vietnam.

The purpose of the visa approval letter for Vietnam, especially for a Vietnam visa application, is to serve as an authoritative license permitting the holder of the said letter to travel and come into Vietnam by airplane. It also permits the letter owner to pay for the Vietnam stamping fee when he or she has arrived at one of the 4 international Vietnam airports.

In the instance that you don't have the time and energy to visit the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam, obtaining a VOA is one of the most trouble-free methods for you. In addition, you may opt to get the services of a tourist agency.

They will be the one to seek the Vietnam visa on arrival letter from the Immigration Department of Vietnam so long as you send them all the required documents. This is one of the most stress-free methods to obtain your Vietnam visa on arrival letter for your visa for Vietnam.

In the event that you're one of those people that wish to know all of the detailed procedures before actually doing something, here is a full guideline of what to do. What to submit are also mentioned below. Lastly, there're also the things to expect when getting Vietnam letter of approval.

•           You could get started by filling out the visa application form in any of the authoritative sites of legitimate tourist firms.

•           You will be required to give other documentation like your most recent picture, personal info, date of arrival, and your preferred method of payment.

•           A certified and trusted tourist company will acknowledge the responsibility of dealing with all the needed requirements, ensuring that all of these criteria are satisfied, and guiding you with regards to what will happen next.

•           When you arrive at any of the 4 international air-ports of Vietnam (as visa upon arrival is only applied to those traveling by airplane and landing in either Ho Chi Minh, Cam Ranh, Da Nang, or Hanoi air-port), you'll need to fill in a form, provide your Vietnam visa on arrival letter, the required documents, and also pay the fee for stamping.

Popular errors in getting Vietnam visa pre-approval letter

•           Make sure to remember the dates. Most visitors trying to obtain visa on arrival can't acquire the Vietnam visa letter on arrival since they couldn’t submit the specifications on time.

•           When filling out the application form for your on-arrival visa for Vietnam visa letter on arrival, you must be sure that the spelling as well as the instructions are precise and met. When the e-mail came from a travel agency or the Immigration Department of Vietnam, be sure to always double-check all the info provided.

•           Be reminded that you're going to pay the Vietnam stamping fee when you reach the Vietnam flight terminal and have undergone the last procedure.

•           Another note to remember is that the Vietnam visa approval letter sample should be presented at the Vietnam air-port. Most travelers forget about this, and they normally lose their letter on the aircraft.

You could decide to seek the assistance of the many travel companies out there. One of the best firms, which has been around and serving visitors for ten years, is the Green Visa – you can undoubtedly be sure that you will certainly not skip a step! They'll provide you with a safe and more convenient option of applying for visa on arrival.